The Many Reasons People are having less sex

Lately people are aren’t engaging in relationships as often as they used to. Jobs take up most of peoples time, and when they aren’t at work, they’re too exhausted to do anything else, namely, engage in one of everyone’s favorite activity: SEX.

Personally, I think this is more of a gender thing, and I think some of you may agree. Guy’s have sex at every given opportunity, and it doesn’t take much for them to make the decision to do so. Women on the other hand, have more risks, like getting pregnant. But that’s more of my opinion rather then fact, but what is a fact is that people are having less sex, and the ACTUAL reason for that is relatively simple if you pay attention,and I think it can be described in one word: SUBSTANCE.

Sex has no substance anymore. It’s advertised as a selling point to the masses, and lately, that’s all it’s been. It used to be a sacred thing, a wonderful experience between two people, sharing their emotions with each other on an intimate level. Sex is something casually done now, and has little to no meaning at all, whatsoever. And the media perpetrates this view of sex as well, the view that sex is more of a casual activity like going to the movies or playing a video game, rather then a romantic endeavor, and it’s been working. Sex is now treated like a trend, and because of this, people are loosing interest. Trends come in, are hot, grab everyone’s attention, then fade off as quickly as they came. Sex just so happened to be a trend that lasted a while longer. TV, video games, comic books, all of them have and sell sex like a product. Everywhere you go, it’s advertised. If it’s not a woman in a bikini, it’s a commercial with a naked woman promoting body wash, or a naked guy promoting the latest body spray. And at first, it attracts people, makes people want to look like what they see on TV. But like most things that are sold, it’s later discovered that it’s not what is was advertised to be.

Also, people are divided by their sex appeal nowadays. You WILL be judged by how tall you are, how buff you are, how big of an ass you have, what hairstyles you flaunt, what your face looks like, if your jaw is chiseled enough, and did you get the latest plastic surgery? Got that new butt lift? Don’t forget liposuction. And got to make sure you diet to look good for people who have absolutely nothing to do with your life. Get that tummy-tuck to impress a person who doesn’t pay your bills, doesn’t call you, probably doesn’t know your name, doesn’t care to know it either. MUST get those abs, remember, when you step into the gym, even if it’s your first day, they’ll judge you. Oh but it doesn’t stop there bro, what about money? Or even worse, the stuff you CAN’T change, like your height, or race. These things are all sold in an attempt to make people happy. Because you have to look sexy for people who only care about you because of your body. Billions of dollars are made from the sexual misery of others, and billions are made on “SOLUTIONS” to their misery. Sex being the underlined agenda behind it all. Because, why else would you go to the gym? What? You telling me you do that for yourself? Please. it’s clear you want to get the attention of another person, to attract them, to swoon them, to have SEX with them. That’s the problem with sex. Everyone thinks that’s the reason anyone does ANYTHING anymore. If you get a good job that pays good money, it’s not so you can be happy and buy things, no, it’s because you want to impress people and make them want to have sex with you. Oh you’re an actor? I think what you meant to say was “walking sex symbol”, because remember, that’s what dictates your success now. It’s done without even being known now. You see a picture of someone and the first thing you do is imagine them naked. Sex has no substance anymore. It’s like a book with no pages. The cover attracts you, so you open it, but there’s nothing there,it’s just blank. Then you start wondering what made you even open it in the first place.